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About Our Company

Greenish India is focusing towards promoting healthier and safer phytomedicines (plant based medicine with no chemicals added) since herbal renaissance is blooming across the world. Herbal medicine acts as either “preventive” or as “Nutritive”. Hence we are always delighted to offer a variety of products with superior quality that are made from high quality Black Seeds.

We are committed to provide a premium range of Black seed based herbal products that come as a boon to the health care human society. Black seed is a Prophetic medicine and had been used as a prime ingredient in Ayurvedic, Unani, and Siddha. It strengthens the immune system and various organs of the human body.

Our objective is to provide you with a product that supports and promotes natural healing through an eco friendly way.

Our products are developed under the able guidance of leading Phytochemists and Pharmacognosists, so as to make our products internationally acceptable and recognizable and to provide an evidence based relief to the ailing society. Our products are free from adulterants and substitutes and we prepared employing skilled qualified technicians under standard laboratory conditions.

We humbly take pride in declaring that we were the leading exporter of Black Cumin Seed oil from India. (Courtesy: Info Drive India, Source: statistics driven from Dept of. Customs govt of India.)