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Immunity plus Benefits

Scientists all over the world have acclaimed the clinical efficiency of black cumin seed (Nigella Sativa) in Cardiovascular, skin ailments and host of other diseases. Reports are available on Black cumin seed benefits on various physiological systems especially maintaining a strong and a healthy immune system.

Daily intake of Black Seed Oil enhances the body immunity system. It contains Vitamins, Minerals & Omega 3 Fatty Acids. Continuous use will keep you healthy & wholesome throughout your life.

  • Builds a strong and healthy immune system
  • Supports overall systemic balance and cellular health
  • Helps to protect the body against threats
  • Improves energy levels and vitality
  • Promotes healthy circulation and blood flow
  • Maintains healthy liver functioning
  • Safe and effective concentrated tincture

Greenish Baraka International Brand

Greenish Baraka Oil is one of the purest and finest grades of Black seed oil you will ever come across. Greenish Baraka oil is extracting 100 % naturally without any chemical additive and preservatives. Therefore Greenish Baraka oil has higher medicinal properties

Do I have to be sick to take Greenish Baraka Oil?

Absolutely Not! Now – a – days because our food is more and more denaturalized, our bodies are full of free radicals which produce cancer and other diseases. The essential fatty acid in black seed oil binds the free radicals and eliminates them. Since our bodies are not able to synthesize thereby making black seed oil an important addition to our daily diet. Black seed oil also contain beta carotene, which known to destroy cell damaging substance which produce cancer.

Dosage For General Health

Greenish Baraka activates the body immunity system and increase resistance to diseases. Take half teaspoon (2.5ml) of Greenish Baraka mix with one glass of warm water or jeera water and intake morning and evening with empty stomach every day. It enhances the immune power of the body against any diseases

Pack Size: 50ml ,100ml